My last post talked about good ice on Cutfoot Sioux and Winnie.  In light of several tragedies in northern Minnesota, I am stepping back from that.  Ice depths are extremely varied and dangerous.  And with 6″ of snow on top and more on the way, I ask you to be VERY careful on the ice.  Definitely no one should be driving vehicles on lakes, and even ATVs have been going through the ice lately.  Every time out, please drill lots of holes to check the ice thickness.  And understand that if it is 12″ thick in 1 spot, it doesn’t mean it will be that thick everywhere.  We have had wildly fluctuating temperatures this early winter.  The gap just froze over last week!

Please be safe out there!  It’s not worth even getting wet over a fish.  A tragedy devastates families and communities…don’t let it be yours.